Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Fly!

I had a fabulous body painting experience last weekend!  A local photo club contacted me about doing a photo shoot of me painting a model, and I eagerly agreed.  It was wonderful to work right there in the studio where it was comfortable, well lit, and nice and warm!  The members who were there were very interested in the process and supplied me with a beautiful and confident model.... as you can see.

I was inspired to do something that looked like ripped latex, and since it had sort of a net-like feeling, I thought adding something that might get caught in a net would be appropriate, and that's where the butterfly came into play.  The more I painted the more it started to feel like a Super Hero or Super Villain body suit.  I named her "Super Fly" but Bob's vote is for "The Chrysalis".

 While we were in the studio, the snow started.  It really piled on everything, and was so beautiful that we ran outside to get some pictures.  My model, Carla, was such a great sport to run out into the snow, wearing little more than body paint!
These photographs were taken by Jim Mitchell of JD Mitchell Photography, you can find him at:  Jim also put together the following video of the body painting process (be advised, when I start out she's not covered with paint!  There IS nudity!)

Carla's Body Painting Experience

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