Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Hearts Party

On Valentine's Day, Bob and I went to a "Random Hearts" Party. I decided to take my paints along and do some body and face painting. I just took one of my palettes, and filled it with pinks, reds, plum, gold and silver, and black and white-- Valentine colors. Sue started out getting just a little bit of a heart over her heart to peek through her shirt, but as I got going she kept giving me access to more and more skin, so I just kept painting.... It looked terrific on her, and her husband liked it too.
It was a real hit with the revellers, it was fun to see everyone walking around with pink and purple swirlies and hearts all over them. I picked a great spot to work too, at the end of the kitchen counter/island, right where Tammy was mixing chocolate martinis and wedding cake martinis.... like I said, great spot! What a great night, fun, friends, painting, and I during it all I had my Valentine with me!

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