Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bikini in Body Paint

So I left frigid, snowy, icy, Columbus Ohio and winged it over to my sister's house on the Big Island Hawai'i for a week this January. I decided that while I was there I would take the opportunity to get a Bikini Body Paint Photo Shoot in while I had access to warmth and beautiful beaches. I've been wanting to do this for a while, and was really inspired by the Joanne Gair book I got for Christmas from my sister. Joanne Gair's Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue shots are just incredible, and really got me wanting to give it a try.

I found myself a beautiful local model, Domini Molina, and an incredible photographer, Hanson Tsang to take the pictures. I met up with Domini at Hanson's studio in Hilo where I did the painting. I decided to go with a patterned bikini instead of a solid color, which I hoped would give it a little more realism. Domini was a wonderful model and incredibly patient with the painting process. After the bikini was done we took some pictures in the studio, and then headed out to a fairly private beach in Hilo. The few people who were there had NO idea that she wasn't wearing a suit. It really looked beautiful with the black lava rock, the crashing waves, and the Hilo Bay in the background. It was about 4:00 when we started the shoot, so the light was perfect, and we really got lucky because it had been rainy for the last several days, so all of my finger crossing really worked!

I used Wolfe paints for the green and black and white, Mehron's Paradise paint for the red, and for the grey and orchid shadowing. Thanks to Nick Herrera for loaning me some tape, and fix-it spray, as well as being such a generous sounding board for information.
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