Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Desdemona's Designs

People often ask me how I came up with my business name, Desdemona's Designs. Desdemona is a character in Shakespeare's play "Othello", and I just happened to have played this part. I didn't choose this name because the play was wonderful, in fact, it was probably the worst production I've ever been involved in, but, I love the play itself regardless. Desdemona was in love with Othello, who was a Moor, my body art business started with my henna work, and I learned about henna in Morocco, so I look at henna as MY Moor. I also like the alliteration with my name: Desdemona / Deborah.

Deborah Brommer

Desdemona's Designs

Henna . Face & Body Paint . Make Up

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